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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Walk around Keswick

Well I said I'd tell you a bit about me and my world, so we'll start with the area where I live. The weather in the Northern Lake District has been fantastic, and it made me want to share the stunning scenery with those of you who don't know it.  I haven't been able to take any photos today, but this lovely little clip I found probably does better than that anyway.

We moved here after a world trip, which included New Zealand.  One day we had staggered up a hill near Te Anau, New Zealand, and were knocked out by the gorgeous scenery against the back drop of a rainbow in front of the blackest cloud (which was just about to drop something icy cold on us), and I announced that I didn't care where we lived next, but I wasn't gonna live anywhere 'oribble ever again. - I won't tell you where we had been living before the trip, for fear of offending anyone - as much as I would welcome comments, I don't want to start a row about the North/South divide.

Derwentwater from Keswick

Anyway, long story short, we rocked up to Keswick about 14 years ago on public transport with no money, no jobs, and nowhere to live. Now I wouldn't live anywhere else. I definitely wouldn't be able to drag my husband away - where else can you pop out for a quick ice climb, rock climb, mountain bike, swim in the lake?

Neil near the top of Incline Fall at Honister Crag near the Via Ferrata.

Since then we have added Jess to the family


Jess on Barrow, with a glimpse of Skiddaw behind

I don't have any photos of me in beautiful settings.  - Its actually illegal to take my photo.  Of course, this is something I should really sort out, as I want people to relate to my shop and its probably a bit impersonal at the mo.

I trained as a Jewellery Designer/Maker on the Design Crafts course at Epsom School of Art and Design, after doing Foundation at Norwich School of Art.  I learnt traditional jewellery fabrication skills, but Design Crafts wasn't a traditional course and we gave more than glance toward the avant- garde and experimental.

Influences (to name but a few) were

David Watkins

Wendy Ramshaw (when she came to the college, it was like a royal visit - I kid you not). 

More recently, I have been encouraged and supported by North Pennines artist, Avril Douglas

Avril has a knack of finding wonderful and unusual art and crafts from around the work for her blog http://threads-of-a-story.blogspot.co.uk/

Those of you who read my first post will have worked out that I'm a control freak who likes issuing instructions, and as you have been kind enough to read this far, I'll ask you to also do the following three things:

  • Join this site (it won't do any harm, you don't get spam or anything)
  • Comment at the bottom telling me whether you'd like to read more Keswick Talk; Business Talk; or Creative Talk (and I'll probably stick the weather at the bottom anyway)
  • And finally (v important this one) someone please put a comment on telling me how to get my keyboard to write degrees C the proper way.

Weather in Keswick today:

Yay, 24°C today. Lots of lilly white tourists in town, gradually turning pink; and the rock climbing season has started.  Mind you, I still have to scrape frost off the car a couple of mornings, so a bit unpredictable. No rain for ages but still muddy in places, so the bike trails at Whinlatter Forest might be a bit clarty.


havenlad said...


To get the little degrees sign, hold in your 'Alt' key to the left of your spacebar and press 248 on the numerical keypad (presuming you have one - maybe not if you're using a netbook or similar)...or alternatively I'd guess you could copy the one I posted up there ^

lu said...

Aha, that's cracked it. Thanks Havenlad.
Is that Whitehaven, or somewhere else?