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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Free Marketing Opportunity

Would you like to be featured on this blog?

Regular readers know that I'm still rather new to this blogging lark and haven't really found a rhythm yet, but one thing I do know is that I know/have met a lot of very interesting folk, so even if I've got nowt to say, they will have (hopefully).

So I'm looking for people to feature.

Not sure if this is for you?

Can you answer any ONE of the following questions with a yes?
Do you have a creative job or hobby?
Do you have a non creative job or hobby which others seem to find fascinating for some reason?
Do you run an interesting venue?
Do you have a commercial, charity, or community event (Cumbria or international) coming up which you'd like to promote?
Do you run any kind of cottage industry?
Do you run any kind of business in Keswick/Cumbria?

Yes? Then get in touch and send me a link/tell me a bit and I'll rough out some 'interview' questions, you answer 'em and send me any links, photos and Bob's your uncle.  I'll also link to my Facebook page  and tweet and if I can I'll pin it. 

Mustn't forget the weather!

Temp only 11°C and cold, thin wind, but GLORIOUS sunshine, and clearish skies, sheltered spots are quite warm.  Bit of hail yesterday, but hardly any rain for ages so bike trails, crags and walking trails all pretty good going. A smidge of snow on the top, but nothing to work with.  Quite a few folk out in tents.



Altered Eras said...

Hi Lu - I do!! I am!! lol :)

farfieldmilly said...

Hello Lu, long timeee no workshopeee together at Keswick!! Sarah here from Farfield Mill. I wanted to respond to this email - you're doing a grand job of network rib-digging. Since we met we've decided to get'with it' and I've started to do battle with twitter... and just spent the last half hour fiddling about setting up a blog spot!! So here's my contribution, for now. let me know if it's not what your looking for. I'm up for trying to get my head around 'anything you can do...'! Not sure how this works but you might see that farfieldmilly's profice is, as yet, a little... blank? Anyhoo...

We've got a great exhibition going on here at the moment by The Coppice Association North West,


and on the back of this there are a few places left on a FREE workshop taking place on April 28. 'Drawing with Charcoal in and around Farfield Mill'. Book it to be on it! http://www.farfieldmill.org/index.php?id=workshops#c861

lu said...

Hi Paula and Sarah
I've been offline for a bit for personal reasons. I'll soon be back in the swing of things.

Edwina Kinch said...

Hi lu
I don't live in Cumbria - what a fabulous place to live especially Keswick!
Here are a couple of links:
If you think I am interesting enough, then I would like to be featured - would you be willing to reciprocate?

lu said...

Look out for Edwina and the other bloggers here in the next few weeks