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Saturday, 30 June 2012


A Taste Of Batik

Here are a few piccies from the Batik workshop at Whinlatter
I did ages ago, run by my friend Di.  She's one of those people with a lot of energy, always lots on the go, always a lot of fun.  I'm hoping to feature her on this blog at some point soon, but I have to pin her down for that, so it may be tricky.

Batik is created by 'drawing' with hot wax and then dying the fabric so that the non waxed area picks up the colour

then repeating the process as many times as you like
This isn't Di

Di quite often does her workshops with SMALL children using the hot wax and sloshing the dye about.  She deserves a medal!

Everyone ended up with something unique.

And I got ideas for new work
Work in progress

The next Batik workshop for adults is 14 October 2012. - to book, email sally.burchall@forestry.gsi.gov.uk
or visit Visit lakeland forests


Weather in Keswick


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Friday, 22 June 2012

The Ten In Ten

 I changed my mind

 I was going to make this blog about a batik class with my lovely friend Di. 

We did it weeks ago, and, along with many other things, it got pushed to the back burner. Well I've pushed it back again.

Fundraising The Hard Way

 Tomorrow, 150 people will take part in the "10 In 10" (10 mountains in 10 hours) in Newlands just near my house. 

Weather conditions are absolutely atrocious, but they all hardy folk, who won't want to let anyone down. I'm wondering whether to get the sandbags out, and they'll all be limbering up and eating pasta. Actually when I think about it, Di is one of them. 

This vid has a section with Duncan talking about himself, followed by him making skulling look easy for him, followed by a nice shot of the route. Have a look
Duncan Booth fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis. from ReelTime Adventure on Vimeo.

and consider making a donation - small or big.

Oh and sharing with friends as well would be good.

Many Thanks
Lu x 

Weather In Keswick

Its like wot I said before: 
Heavy rain and gale force winds 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

CRAFTfest summer 2012 - The results

Was It All Worth It?

CRAFTfest, the online craft show is over now until September.  The stalls will remain accessible and you should still be able to click through to buy, but the big push is over for the time being.

  What A Relief!

It was a lot of work, promoting each others stalls so I think a collective sigh of relief was breathed at midnight last Saturday.  

65,000 Achievements

Around 65,000 people visited CRAFTfest during the week 9th - 16th June, and almost 30,000 of those were visiting for the first time (so not repeat clickers) - although you could look at it another way and say that a similar amount did come back for a second look!

I think there were something like 200 stalls, so it was a BIG event.

As I said in my first CRAFTfest blog, my aims for Craftfest were that I wanted some different contacts in my network and greater exposure for Handmade In Keswick, as well as some sales on my Folksy shop and my Etsy shop. 

My stall was in the top 25 most visited stalls and both my Folksy shop and my Etsy shop are still getting visits via the stall link, even though the fest is officially over.

I don't have all the details of who sold what, but I did hear that both Ravens Stained Glass and  Personal Space Interiors
both took bulk orders for CHRISTMAS.

A load more folk are following me on Twitter, FB, and Pinterest, and there are a lot of you lovely people now reading this blog, which, I seem to remember from this post, getting seen on the internet is good for the SEO on my shops.

Closed - but not abandoned.

So that's it.  The stalls will stay up, so you can still look, and click through and buy - or bookmark for later. There're links to stalls on this blog post here.  Oh, and thanks again everyone for all your support.

And there's going to be two massive CRAFTfest events later in the year.  One in September, which I'm thinking will be the warm up where people get to have a good look round, ready for the BIG one in November.

I'm taking part in both.  If you fancy joining us, and generating some extra traffic to your online shop, leave me a comment and I'll point you in the right direction. 
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 Mild and warm and sunny. Temp 18°C

Olympic Torch Relay, Penrith

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Guerilla Knitting comes to Hunstanton

And now for something completely different...

...well slightly different.

I spent the weekend visiting relatives on the North Norfolk coast, and stumbled across some guerilla knitting.  I've seen it on the net in the past, but never actually come across any personally.

I think it may have been the Girls Guides.  I might have wanted to be a Girl Guide if I'd have thought I was going to be a teddy torturing guerrilla.

The weather in Keswick

That's all for today, as the weather is lovely (not exactly another heatwave - more of a warmwave).

Oh hang on, there is just one more thing.  Whilst I was away, my dog apparently started her own blog (?).  Have a look here.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Last Day Of Summer CRAFTfest 2012

Thank you all for your support on our final day

Having had over 60,000 visitors to our virtual online CRAFTfest fair from Saturday to Friday, it looks as though this second Saturday will be enormous!

So, did you do some promoting for us yesterday?
Will you help me today?
I'm shamelessly going to ask you to pick an item from my stall here
and share it on your Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it, add it to your Amazon Universal Wishlist, give it the old Thumbs Up on Stumbleupon, blog it, and email it to your mother-in-law.  If you want, click through to the shop and I'll sell it to you... 
If you're reading this on a different day - don't worry, I'm gonna leave my stall set up, so you can still do all this.
 I'd love it if you left a comment on this blog as well.

What about the Weather In Keswick today?

Its hossin it down.

Become A Marketing Executive For The Arts

The End Is Nigh 

Our week of a virtual craft fair started here.


  Clearing the stock

The end of the week is rushing up to greet us and after (wait for it) 60,000 visitors (!!!!) the CRAFTfest stallholders are starting to push their wares to the middle of their stalls to make it look as if they've still got something left to sell.

Help us out and have some fun

 Time for that final push, and we need your help.

If you're not on Twitter, why not join up now?  Have you been thinking about it? Go on, click here.
Once you've joined, search for your favorite actor or celebrity and click Follow.  You'll soon get a few followers back.  Then click in the box with the # and search for #craftfest, you'll see all our craftfest tweets, press Retweet on a few of them.  Follow me if you like.

See how easy it is?

Before you know it, Followers'll be Retweeting you.

If you're already on Twitter, what are you waiting for? 

At the bottom of each stall, and at the bottom of each item is a button for Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and some others.  If you like something, we would all be so happy if you would share it with the world.

So what about Facebook?  Are you on it?  Or Stumbleupon? Or Pinterest?

Have another look at this week's blog posts (below), pick a stall you love and become a Marketing Executive for 20 minutes or so (or less).  (Or maybe more)

and just in case you didn't see it

my craftfest plan



Weather In Keswick

Its wild out there. (Stay in and Tweet)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

CRAFTFEST - Show the love

What's this CRAFTfest thing?

Our CRAFTfest journey starts here.

Viewing Figures So Far This Week

55,000 visitors to CRAFTfest by Thursday morning!

Oakapple and Rose from the Purple Team has been selling well.

Stalls need love too.

I think today, we'll have less of me waffling on and more of today s stalls.
Go ahead - have a look.  Even if you're not up for buying yourself, we'd appreciate some Tweets, Shares or Pins.
Jane Livesey - PinkyMinky

Carol Parker -Waterlily Designs

Iain Davies -Bluestone Crafts


Ley Holloway -Vintage Beadery


Vicky Swift - Rescue and Revive

Sarah Plummer - Makeaholic

Christine McKnight - Nevar

Christine McKnight - Raven’s Stained Glass
That's it for today
Don't forget! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Tweeting! 

Next Time:  Become A Marketing Exec For The Arts

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

CRAFTfest - Using Pinterest

A Change In Strategy


Continuing this week of selling from my Folksy shop and my Etsy shop via CRAFTfest
on Creative Connections. We're up to Day 5 already, and by teatime on Day 4, we had had a


45,000 visitors

 50% of which have been new visitors.  

If you're wondering what this is all about, you can start reading at the beginning of this week here.

What's next?

So that's over 20,000 who haven't been before, have come in for a shelter from the rain (or whatever the virtual equivalent might be) and need a bit of encouragement to start picking things up and looking at them (and, should I say, buying them?). 

I have completely lost track of sales made by my (Purple) Advertising Team, but I did notice that I missed a sale by Dandelion Gallery
earlier in the week and Rescue and Revive and Raven's Stained Glass today. 

I've been promoting using Pinterest today, but more of that later.

Who needs the love today?

Natalie Ofkants - Nofkants Curios

Rachel Twoes - AllThings Blankets And More

Aneta W - Smile Factory

Jo Gibson - Chopping Board Co

You know the drill.  It would be great if you could Share, Tweet, Like or (blimey, go for it) BUY at least one item, from one of those lovely stallholders.

Or you can do what I'm doing, and pick one or two to Pin them.  I don't think you have to be a member to view the Boards below, so anyone can have a look and post what they like on their Facebook or  Twitter,
but why not go the whole hog and join up if you haven't already (its easy - I managed it), then you can create your own Boards to repin what you like (along with pinning new things), effectively creating a bookmark to come back to later and/or Tweet, put on to Facebook, embed in your blog.  You can also Like and Comment, which all gives a boost and lifts everyone's self esteem.

Here are my Craftfest Boards.  Go one, pick one, click in and start pinning!

Purple Team plus a few more on Craftfest 

Phew!  Forgive me for not putting pictures on as well? (Maybe later eh?)

Next Time: Show The Love

Weather in Keswick

Apparently, its raining out there, but I have been promised that there's gonna be another heatwave, timed perfectly with the end of Craftfest. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Craftfest - The visitors keep coming

Daily update - Day 4 

If you've jumped straight to here, you might like to start with our journey, back at the beginning here

Craftfest has had 37,000 views Saturday to Monday and still going strong. 
Zing Zing Tree and Handcrafted By CG have made sales, and Created In Cloth is proving that Tweeting your heart out really is the way to go on the Purple Team.  I'm going to try something different next and go for Pinning.  Look out for tomorrow's post for some Pinterest Boards.

Who needs the love today?

Rebecca Lee -Handmade Baby Shoes


Ellie Whitehead - Oakapple & Rose

Gerri Excell -Hannah Cards & Lovehuggles


Anthea Barton -Zing Zing Tree

Me, me - its all about me!

Keep reading tomorrow, and Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease spread the word and the love about us here at Craftfest.

Next Time: Using Pinterest 

Weather on Keswick

Who cares!  How many views have I had?  Where am I in the league table? 
Normal service will be resumed soon - I promise 


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tweeted to the limit

Day 3 and we're still hard at it at CRAFTfest


Twitter storm

I am officially Tweeted out after the massive CRAFTfest Twitter storm last (Sunday) night.

  This is my first CRAFTfest and I'd never even heard of a Twitter storm before last week, so had no idea what I was doing.  I just sort of went along with Tweeting to various random people, retweeting and replying to others all with the #Craftfest, until I'd reached my daily Tweet limit (I had no idea I had one).

 I don't know whether it was effective or just plain annoying to everyone else, but it was a giggle.

CRAFTfest success

I heard in the chatroom that we were approaching 30,000 hits which sound good to me.

Adding to the previous sales from the Purple Team, were Created In Cloth. who definitely deserved it after all that hard work Tweeting, and also My Small World and Pinky Minky

Share the love  

Here are today's stalls. As usual, please share, Tweet, Pin etc, cos it all helps.

Pauline Hayward - Pauline’s Crafts

Bonny Banks - FromTop2Toe

  Chriss Leonard -Created in Cloth

Paul Griffiths -NorfolkWood Crafts

Mandy Quinn -Raggedy Homespun Crafts

Here are Day 1 and Day 2 and links to all the categories here
There'll be more tomorrow and every day this week.
If you're interested in being featured in a full post, click here to find out a bit more.

Weather In Keswick

Looks OK out there, but I'm stuck in here.

Trending on Twitter

CRAFTfest Day 2


CRAFTfest has been going well and we've been Trending on Twitter (using #craftfest) on Saturday and Sunday apparently, although I must admit that I was so busy promoting, I forgot to look at that.

I've completely abandoned any of the 'normal' promotion of my Etsy shop and Folksy shop,so I'm completely reliant on Craftfest hits.  And its all good.  There were more than 10,000 hits on http://creative-connections.ning.com/page/craftfest-home up until teatime (GMT) on Saturday, with shouts of 'over 21,000' on Sunday morning.

Created In Cloth at the top of the ratings hits wise and wins my award for top marketeer - I think most sales may be due to Chriss's skills on Twitter this week.


I've no idea how many sales over all, but I do know that

have got the ball rolling with the first sales for our Purple Team.

Spread the success

Lets send some love (and some likes, and some Tweets, and Pins and maybe some sales) out to todays stalls

Sara Thornton -Dandelion gallery

Katie Corbett - My Small World

 Maria Snell- MinXtures

Katie Belcher -Beatific Jewellery

Just in case you missed it, here are yesterdays stalls
and links to all the categories here

That's it for today.  There'll be more tomorrow and every day this week.

I do like to do full features of interesting people on this blog -if you're interested in taking part, click here to find out a bit more.

Weather In Keswick

Dry and pleasant, not exactly hot, but I really should be at my allotment.