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Friday, 15 June 2012

Become A Marketing Executive For The Arts

The End Is Nigh 

Our week of a virtual craft fair started here.


  Clearing the stock

The end of the week is rushing up to greet us and after (wait for it) 60,000 visitors (!!!!) the CRAFTfest stallholders are starting to push their wares to the middle of their stalls to make it look as if they've still got something left to sell.

Help us out and have some fun

 Time for that final push, and we need your help.

If you're not on Twitter, why not join up now?  Have you been thinking about it? Go on, click here.
Once you've joined, search for your favorite actor or celebrity and click Follow.  You'll soon get a few followers back.  Then click in the box with the # and search for #craftfest, you'll see all our craftfest tweets, press Retweet on a few of them.  Follow me if you like.

See how easy it is?

Before you know it, Followers'll be Retweeting you.

If you're already on Twitter, what are you waiting for? 

At the bottom of each stall, and at the bottom of each item is a button for Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and some others.  If you like something, we would all be so happy if you would share it with the world.

So what about Facebook?  Are you on it?  Or Stumbleupon? Or Pinterest?

Have another look at this week's blog posts (below), pick a stall you love and become a Marketing Executive for 20 minutes or so (or less).  (Or maybe more)

and just in case you didn't see it

my craftfest plan



Weather In Keswick

Its wild out there. (Stay in and Tweet)

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