Handmade In Keswick at Craftfest

Monday, 18 June 2012

Guerilla Knitting comes to Hunstanton

And now for something completely different...

...well slightly different.

I spent the weekend visiting relatives on the North Norfolk coast, and stumbled across some guerilla knitting.  I've seen it on the net in the past, but never actually come across any personally.

I think it may have been the Girls Guides.  I might have wanted to be a Girl Guide if I'd have thought I was going to be a teddy torturing guerrilla.

The weather in Keswick

That's all for today, as the weather is lovely (not exactly another heatwave - more of a warmwave).

Oh hang on, there is just one more thing.  Whilst I was away, my dog apparently started her own blog (?).  Have a look here.


Teresa Connolly said...

Very colourful! Good photos.

lu said...

Thanks Teresa
Wasn't sure if the photos were good enough, but didn't want to not show the work