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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Craftjuice Tuesday

  Using Craftjuice to get found

As I've mentioned in past posts, I've been thinking a lot about how to get exposure for all the (139 at last count) small arts and crafts businesses using the September 2012 online Craftfest campaign to gain some customers.

Quite a few of the more active members have already started blogging about each other. More of that in another post I think.

There's also been talk of a repeat of the Twitter storm which sounded pretty successful in our June event, and ideas popping up for other promotions involving Facebook, Pinterest and some offline work.

My thoughts have turned to CraftJuice

So what is CraftJuice?

Craftfest is another portal for getting found on the internet.  Registered users load photos of their work, tag them, and with a link to shops, Craftfest stall, websites etc and 'wait' for others to vote for them, by clicking a blue upward pointing arrow.  What actually happens is that there are forum threads all over the internet inc on Craftjuice itself where people post and ask for votes.

  What are the votes for?

With 5 or more votes, your picture can make it to the Homepage and be Facebooked and Tweeted to their 1000s of Followers
The items with highest votes are also featured in the newsletter which goes out to 10s of 1000s round the world.
There's also the little bonus of Craftjuice Tuesday, where bloggers are encouraged to feature a few of their own fave items (either already popular or 'upcoming') under the Craftjuice Tuesday heading on erm a Tuesday, in return for the site promoting the blog page.

  Here is my Craftjuice Tuesday selection







Weather In Keswick

Regular readers might wonder why there's been no 'Weather In Keswick' recently.  I'm just gonna say that the least said about it at the moment, the better...


Claudia Willison said...

Sounds interesting, maybe I should look into it. I hope it will be successful for you, your items are beautiful.

lu said...

Thanks Claudia

theoldbutton said...

Great blog Lu - thanks for the reminder of Craftjuice

deborah jordan sackett aka skyspirit 8 said...

great info Thanks Lu

ClicksBy Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this with me, Lu! I knew I could count on you... off to check out Craftjuice!

Anonymous said...

Good info. Love that kindle cover. And I can understand about the weather.... lots of people on this side of the pond feel the same #@! way.

Ellorias Boutique said...

Thanks for explaining Craftjuice, we hadn't heard of it until this. We'll be getting our membership sorted :-D

lu said...

Glad to be of use