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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Creative Thinking - don't get bogged down with negativity

Expand your thinking

Some of you will know that, in the past, I've led the Promotions Team on CRAFTfest, and there's been a lot of  discussion all the different ideas for promoting each event.

This got me thinking about how creativity and specifically how creative thinking works.

It reminded me of a story, told to me by a lady called Florence Madden, who runs various types of training courses in the area where I live.  I'm not sure that its a true story; whether she got it from someone who made it up; or whether she just got fed up with no one saying anything in her training sessions, and made it up herself.

Either way, its a good little tale and demonstrates perfectly (I think) how you can do clever stuff if you only allow yourself.

Here's the story:

A telephone company in the very north of Canada were having a lot of bother providing a continual service due to poor weather conditions.  The main problem was heavy snow weighing down and damaging the telephone lines.

It was costing plenty to keep making repairs and there was the problem that it was giving rubbish customer service as well.  So a solution was sought.

A meeting was held to try and bash out some ideas.  

The obvious idea was to try to keep the snow from building up to the point where it was damaging the lines.

Some bright spark suggested that they get the polar bears to do it.

Being a resourceful lot, this ridiculous idea was not rejected out of hand.  They thought about how they could make it possible instead. 

Some one suggested that they put something on top of the telephone poles that the bears would want, meaning that the poles would be wobbled and the snow would be knocked off before it got too thick.

What could they use? The smell of something edible would attract the bears.  Fish would be good, but something that wouldn't fall off the pole would be better.

It was decided that they would try honey (known for the fact that...um...polar bears love it -??!?).  It would last a while and stick as well - they just had to get it there.

Perhaps they could drop it from a helicopter?  Pretty small target though, the top of a telephone pole!  A skilled pilot could manage that if the copter was low enough.  

The only problem with that would be that the rotor blades would blow the honey off...

...would blow the honey off...

...would blow the snow off..

So now when the snow gets a bit heavy, a helicopter flies out low over the lines to blow it off before it gets too bad.

The Moral Of The Story

 There always is one isn't there - a moral.
Think positive, and keep exploring all the options until you get to a solution - its out there - you've just not let yourself consider it.

Weather in Keswick

The rest of the UK seems to have been up to their Wellington boots in flood water, but here in the northern Lake District, we've been enjoying shorts and T shirt weather, with temperatures in the high 20s.  Mind you, as I write this, the temperature has suddenly dropped to about 16°C, and its looking a bit dark... 


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Chantal Loves Vintage said...

What a great story!!! I'm one of the unfortunates looking out at a grey, drizzly windy day...again! enjoy your sun :)

Sarah Bunney Beadscrumptious said...

Hello, I have popped across from Etsy to read your blog. What a great blog post!

Sarah xx

lu said...

Thanks ladies