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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Who Remembers This?

 Progress Of Our Collaboration

 A while back, I blogged about collaborating with some other artists in a 'round robin' initiated by the Crafty Folk Blog

We started with this image, provided by Dawn
and I thought I'd let you know how she's been getting on.

After she'd been to the hairdresser's at my house

our gal went to stay with Hannah
who added a bit of glamour to her outfit.

By the time she got to Karen, an extra dimension was needed in this makeover.

and she has since made her way to Jen
who brought an arty background to the piece
So she's on her travels again, and who knows how she'll look by the end of this.  She's gotta go through a Goth stage surely?..
Anyway, the fantastic resulting piece will be the giveaway on the Crafty Folk Blog, so keep following.

Weather In Keswick

I'm very happy to report, that we're back to sunny, warm, DRY weather here in the Lake District.  I am now covered in midge bites, stinging nettle rash and a bit of sunburn, but that's another tale.


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