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Monday, 24 September 2012

Craftjuice Tuesday

 Just two today

Both simple, understated, and smart
Leather and lace journal by RenewedUponADream

Glass pendant by GlowingGlassStudio

and both waiting for you to click through and vote for them with the little blue up arrow.

The Crafty Folk: CraftyFolk Round Robin

More news of our collaborative work

Reblogged from The Crafty Folk Blog
the next episode

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A little bit of success

I know that this isn't the way Craftjuice Tuesday is supposed to work, but rather than featuring items that are looking for a vote, I'm going to feature the five items from the September Craftjuice Newsletter.

All are Craftfesters...I must get round to asking them all if they're going to do November...and all make lovely things deserving of the votes they got.

Jewellery Box from Norfolkwood Crafts
Kindle Fire Case by Loutul

Coin Purse by Kerri Robberts Designs
Necklace by Say It
Notebook by Handmade In Keswick
All the above have already been shared on the Craftjuice Facebook page and Tweeted to all their followers, and now, they are emailed to the 10,000s of Newsletter subscribers.  So that's got to be good.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Weddings By Annabel

  Time for another interview.   This time with another local who does what they love.

Annabel Candler of Weddings By Annabel

Here's Annabel in her own words

My background is a mixture of PR, marketing and events including a degree in Marketing and a family PR business. I have always enjoyed creating and planning and was a very tidy but artistic youngster! I have had a very varied array of jobs which helped me hone my skills towards what I actually enjoyed doing. After my University of Huddersfield era, I found a husband and moved back to my home town, Penrith, to join my mum with her event business. After hard times working with marquees, I started my own little business, Weddings by Annabel.

Organised Creativity - That sums up my business. I add or inspire creativity and create or help develop plans. I think through all the details and ensure that events suit the purpose and reach goals. This applies to weddings too though they are much more personal and emotional therefore more difficult and important.

As I also work for Eden District Council, helping with events, I can start my day heading there; thinking through my day and what lies ahead. If its a WBA day then I start with a coffee! I love to keep a list in my diary which helps me concentrate on the important tasks for the day. It stops me getting overwhelmed too! My day would be a nightmare without my laptop, diary and the internet! The rest relies on my brain tapping into my organised creativity!

I love events. I love making people happy by ensuring their special occasion is perfect and stress free. I'm not daft though, I do this to earn money; work to live dont live to work! Reaching goals like that is very rewarding too.

Having a wonderful network of friends and a supportive family means a lot. They inspire ideas and help me stay on track. My husband is wonderful at offering advice and being a sounding board for my ideas. The difficult part is working most weekends!

I am a strong believer in networking and word of mouth to help business. I have created a Penrith Cumbrian Women in Enterprise group which is a monthly meeting for ladies to help share their goals and skills. Its been going for over a year and is wonderful! Other projects are ongoing with the council such as Penrith on a Plate Food Event, Penrith Halloween Festival, Penrith Winter Festival and Eden Markets.

I have also linked with special Cumbrian venues for whom I am their wedding coordinator: Lowther Castle Gardens and Heads Nook Hall. So much going on but I really love it! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Beg For Votes

Craftjuice Me, Me, Me!

This week's Craftjuice Tuesday is gonna be a completely selfish grab for votes.

Click through to vote
Click through to vote



A Change Of Mind

Popped back to add just one more - from Karen of KKMarie's.  Karen didn't get signed up on to Craftjuice in time for the Big Craftfest Juice Up.
This was no deterrent for a member of  the In Your Face Promotion Team on Etsy, and she has just voted for all the Craftfest items on Craftjuice (did I say it was around 400 in my last post?  I think its more now).
This was long after most of the others have stopped voting, packed up and gone home, so I think that must qualify for some extra begging on here. 

Click through to vote


Weather In Keswick

Rained some more

What's next

Look out for a feature with Annabel Candler of Weddings By Annabel

Sunday, 9 September 2012

What happened to Craftjuice Tuesday?

The Massive Juice Up

I'm reporting this slightly after the event - I've been a tad busy this week!

After the initial excitement of Craftfest opening day, Stumbling everything in sight, on Saturday 1 September, and the Twitter Storm on the Sunday evening, Craftfesters took part in the blogging campaign on the Monday.

And that brought us to Tuesday.  The limited number of Craftfesters who had joined Craftjuice in time (there is a wait time), all landed on the site, loading their products on, and voting for each other.  This was no mean fete as there must have been around 400 items from us all on there.  

Within a short period Craftjuice were publishing each item on their Facebook page and Tweeting away.  We have to wait and see whether anyone got enough votes to be featured in the Craftjuice newsletter.

If you'd like to help us with that, please feel free to sling one or two votes our way here.

The week continue with another massive hit on Wednesday, this time on WANELO; some Facebooking on Thursday; and Pinning everything in sight on Saturday.  We had awarded ourselves a bit of a catch up day on Friday, but I must say, I'm still at it all now (hence this post).

Weather In Keswick

Absolutely glorious - come on over! 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Craftfest 'I love your blog' blog thing

Pass on the Craftfest lurve

This idea was passed on to me by inkyprints
in a slightly different format, which I (erm) 'developed'.

This is the Craftfest 'I LOVE Your Blog' Award

which I am awarding to Lute al-Raad for PrettyBonesJefferson.
Lute sells literature/art/film inspired vintage, and has a lovely gentle blogging style which isn't at all in your face (something I wish I could manage).

If you are sent a Craftfest 'I Love Your Blog' Award and you would like to Share The Lurve, then have a look at this.

How To Share The Craftfest Lurve

1. Paste our 'I love Your Blog' Badge to your page

2. Put a on a link to the blogger who sent it you

3. Put a link to the blogger you are awarding the Lurve to

4. List some other blogs you like

5. Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their blogs.

6. List 'How To Share The Craftfest Lurve'
7. Tell us something you'd like to say, or show us something you'd like to sell.

So here are some other blogs I'm in to at the moment

Lottie Of London 

The Old Button

Craftfest Blogs


Beaded Bazaar

The Dressmaker's Closet

Rachael in Wonderland

Cola Creations

Siog Designs

The Crystal Cavern

Revive Holistic Beauty

Pins and Needles

Free Spirit Designs

Scent Cosmetics



And The Thing I'd Like To Show You

is my latest work 'in progress'.  Jewellery inspired by my own original art.

Not for sale yet, as I'm still working on quality, but keep your eyes peeled.

Weather In Keswick

Sunny and pleasantly warm!

Wow What A Rush

Draw breath - Day 1 is over

Well, we've had Day 1 of the September Craftfest and if the viewing figures are anything to go by, then its all going great.

We've been shouting about ourselves using Twitter and Pinterest with a push on Stumbleupon, which did prove a bit trickey as Festers came up against all kinds of technical issues.  

But blimey, there was some determination there, and stalls and products continue to be Stumbled, spreading the word, as I write.  At close of play last night (and when you have an international event, who can say when the night actually ends?), the event had had nearly 22,000 visitors (a high % of which being unique visitors), and we've got off the ground selling.

Join Us

Tonight - at 7pm GMT - is Twitter .

Weather In Keswick

Pay attention here - THE SUN IS SHINING.
I'm off out to C Art