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Monday, 10 September 2012

Beg For Votes

Craftjuice Me, Me, Me!

This week's Craftjuice Tuesday is gonna be a completely selfish grab for votes.

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A Change Of Mind

Popped back to add just one more - from Karen of KKMarie's.  Karen didn't get signed up on to Craftjuice in time for the Big Craftfest Juice Up.
This was no deterrent for a member of  the In Your Face Promotion Team on Etsy, and she has just voted for all the Craftfest items on Craftjuice (did I say it was around 400 in my last post?  I think its more now).
This was long after most of the others have stopped voting, packed up and gone home, so I think that must qualify for some extra begging on here. 

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Weather In Keswick

Rained some more

What's next

Look out for a feature with Annabel Candler of Weddings By Annabel

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Anonymous said...

LU! You are so sweet! I can't believe you just did that for me. You rock!