Handmade In Keswick at Craftfest

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A little bit of success

I know that this isn't the way Craftjuice Tuesday is supposed to work, but rather than featuring items that are looking for a vote, I'm going to feature the five items from the September Craftjuice Newsletter.

All are Craftfesters...I must get round to asking them all if they're going to do November...and all make lovely things deserving of the votes they got.

Jewellery Box from Norfolkwood Crafts
Kindle Fire Case by Loutul

Coin Purse by Kerri Robberts Designs
Necklace by Say It
Notebook by Handmade In Keswick
All the above have already been shared on the Craftjuice Facebook page and Tweeted to all their followers, and now, they are emailed to the 10,000s of Newsletter subscribers.  So that's got to be good.

Thanks to everyone who voted.


Garreth said...

So glad there was such a good response. Congrats guys.

Garreth said...

Congrats to all the guys who got onto the newsletter.

Well deserved.

lu said...

Thanks Garreth

say it said...

I'm really pleased it worked and you got craftfest items into the craftjuice newsletter. The number of votes was much higher than usual too. Lets hope it translates into sales! Thanks for your hard work :-)

say it said...

Thanks for all your hard work in making this happen. It was a great idea, and I'm really pleased it worked and we got craftfest in the craftjuice newsletter. Great publicity. I've signed up to November and looking forward to getting stuck in :-)

lu said...

I'll look out for you Laura

norfolkwoodcrafts said...

Thanks Garreth, and thanks Lu for all your hard promotional work, sorry I pipped you by 1 on the votes but it was probably down to you that I got all them.

lu said...

Paul, I think people find it easy to vote for something so beautiful.