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Monday, 17 September 2012

Weddings By Annabel

  Time for another interview.   This time with another local who does what they love.

Annabel Candler of Weddings By Annabel

Here's Annabel in her own words

My background is a mixture of PR, marketing and events including a degree in Marketing and a family PR business. I have always enjoyed creating and planning and was a very tidy but artistic youngster! I have had a very varied array of jobs which helped me hone my skills towards what I actually enjoyed doing. After my University of Huddersfield era, I found a husband and moved back to my home town, Penrith, to join my mum with her event business. After hard times working with marquees, I started my own little business, Weddings by Annabel.

Organised Creativity - That sums up my business. I add or inspire creativity and create or help develop plans. I think through all the details and ensure that events suit the purpose and reach goals. This applies to weddings too though they are much more personal and emotional therefore more difficult and important.

As I also work for Eden District Council, helping with events, I can start my day heading there; thinking through my day and what lies ahead. If its a WBA day then I start with a coffee! I love to keep a list in my diary which helps me concentrate on the important tasks for the day. It stops me getting overwhelmed too! My day would be a nightmare without my laptop, diary and the internet! The rest relies on my brain tapping into my organised creativity!

I love events. I love making people happy by ensuring their special occasion is perfect and stress free. I'm not daft though, I do this to earn money; work to live dont live to work! Reaching goals like that is very rewarding too.

Having a wonderful network of friends and a supportive family means a lot. They inspire ideas and help me stay on track. My husband is wonderful at offering advice and being a sounding board for my ideas. The difficult part is working most weekends!

I am a strong believer in networking and word of mouth to help business. I have created a Penrith Cumbrian Women in Enterprise group which is a monthly meeting for ladies to help share their goals and skills. Its been going for over a year and is wonderful! Other projects are ongoing with the council such as Penrith on a Plate Food Event, Penrith Halloween Festival, Penrith Winter Festival and Eden Markets.

I have also linked with special Cumbrian venues for whom I am their wedding coordinator: Lowther Castle Gardens and Heads Nook Hall. So much going on but I really love it! 

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