Handmade In Keswick at Craftfest

Sunday, 9 September 2012

What happened to Craftjuice Tuesday?

The Massive Juice Up

I'm reporting this slightly after the event - I've been a tad busy this week!

After the initial excitement of Craftfest opening day, Stumbling everything in sight, on Saturday 1 September, and the Twitter Storm on the Sunday evening, Craftfesters took part in the blogging campaign on the Monday.

And that brought us to Tuesday.  The limited number of Craftfesters who had joined Craftjuice in time (there is a wait time), all landed on the site, loading their products on, and voting for each other.  This was no mean fete as there must have been around 400 items from us all on there.  

Within a short period Craftjuice were publishing each item on their Facebook page and Tweeting away.  We have to wait and see whether anyone got enough votes to be featured in the Craftjuice newsletter.

If you'd like to help us with that, please feel free to sling one or two votes our way here.

The week continue with another massive hit on Wednesday, this time on WANELO; some Facebooking on Thursday; and Pinning everything in sight on Saturday.  We had awarded ourselves a bit of a catch up day on Friday, but I must say, I'm still at it all now (hence this post).

Weather In Keswick

Absolutely glorious - come on over! 


cheeky rose said...

A wonderful experience, hope I have time to participate in the next event
Ps I hate word verification I have tried 5 times going back to try again, but I may give up if I cant get it right

lu said...

Oops - thought I'd switched that off ages ago - I have now.