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Saturday, 27 October 2012

'It's All Gone Quiet At The Bar!'

A Distinct Lack Of Activity

It doesn't take a lot to notice that I haven't had a lot to say recently.
But interesting content is on its way!

A fair few of us wonder about the secrets of the success of a seemingly chosen few who seem to do well in their chosen field.  And so I decided to go off and ask a few of them.

I started with some of the 'top' sellers from Etsy and Folksy (although I may well stray into entirely different spheres as whim takes me), and I've asked them how they got to where they are now with their business, about their own definition of success, and whether they consider themselves to be successful.

The 'Stalking Success' series will be starting next week - look out for it here.     


Autumn Thyme said...

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to this :)

lu said...

So am I!
The first one will be Jeff Soan of Wobbleywood, whom I've found to be fascinating.