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Friday, 29 March 2013

How to wear statement jewellery

I've been having a play around, looking for unique, designer accessories to go with my resin bangles.  

I found a smart clutch by Marcela's purse and hand painted silk scarf at Broomhead Designs

Stylish clutch and silk scarf to go with blue resin bangle

and a sophisticated tote by WabiSabiWasabi
and patterned scarf by PlanetStrangeBird

Gorgeous tote and patterned scarf with resin bangle


Joy @ BeadedBazaar said...

Great idea Lu and fab ideas to wear with your gorgeous jewellery.

lu said...

Thanks Joy

Tania @ ColaCreations said...

I'm a massive scarf accessory fan, and both these designs would perfectly complement your fab bangles!

lu said...

Thank you Tania